• Trainee, editor at the sid news agency.
  • Editor and managing editor of multilingual sports and contemporary history books.
  • Staunch Freelancer since 1995.
  • Co-founder and shareholder of Contentic Media Services GmbH, responsible for IT / Online Services.
  • Author for newspapers and books.
  • Accredited reporter attending ten Olympic Summer and Winter Games since 1992.
  • Publisher of media website Netzpresse and Privatstrandblog on web publishing and free software.
  • Born in Cologne, living and working in Berlin.

Services and skills


  • Content Management
  • Web copy writing, SEO, embedding Social Media
  • Editing, proofreading
  • Radio and print journalism
  • Author for books


  • PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, frontend frameworks
  • WordPress templates and plugins
  • Typo3 extensions, Extbase, Flow
  • Database applications


  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu)
  • Apache, Nginx, MySQL, MariaDB, Docker


  • WordPress, Typo3
  • In-house development: ePush CMS, PeasyCMS

Professional network

Depending on the budget and size of the project, I bring graphic artists, videographers, photographers, programmers and translators on board.